P A T I O    R A T T A N     D I N E T T E S   B A R  S T O O L S

If an organization is only as good as its people then TropiCasual believes it is the most effective casual furniture manufacturer / retailer in the industry.

Each of our employees is completely customer service oriented and quality minded. Heating and bending our PVC Pipe into gently curved ergonomic form is the reason for why our PVC furniture is so popular. We have taken away as many sharp corners as possible to create a very stylish, curving profile and a shapely, flowing silhouette.

Over the years TropiCasual has heat treated and bent enough PVC Pipe that if laid end to end would run the length of our state from Key West to Jacksonville!

Our cushion department is also devoted to quality workmanship. Our master seamstress creates the finest, most durable cushions in the industry.





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